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College of Arts ── Department of Dance
Welcome to Tainan University of Technology , Department of Dance
Teaching Equipment


Dance studios

The Department of Dance operates a total of 9 dance studios, 4 of which have been equipped with pianos for accompaniment. All studios are furnished with stereo A/V systems and an air-conditioning system.






Experimental theatre

Constructed in 1991, the 42,54 square feet experimental theatre is designed for the presentation of students’ choreographic works with comprehensive facilities including a theatre sound system (for music editing purposes), lighting, retractable screen for projector, gallery seats and a stage for performance.





Costume room 

The costume room is intended to be used as storage for dance costumes, props and accessories. A designated caretaker is responsible for relevant custody and maintenance of items kept within.




Dance equipment and instrument room

  • Two complete sets of various percussion instruments for rhythmic training.
  • An inventory of stage lighting equipment (worth NT$ 1 million).
  • A stereo system for students’ dance productions.
  • A stereo system for outdoor performances.
  • A batch of gymnastic pads.
  • A computerized piano for teaching purposes.

A batch of black stage wing curtains.







  • The Library houses an extensive collection of professional dance materials and multimedia content along with a subscription to a total of 30 dance periodicals (6 in Chinese, 7 in Japanese and 17 in other languages including English) from around the world.
  • Presently, the Library features a total of 2034 dance books; 1135 of them in Chinese and the remaining 899 in other languages.
  • There are a total of 1199 dance related DVDs at the Library; 953 of them are in Chinese and the remaining 246 of them are in English or other languages (the figures reflect the Library’s collection at the end of September 2007; the above-mentioned collection is housed at TUT’s main library).
  • 3 color TV sets.
  • 3 video recorders.
  • 3 DVD players.
  • 1 stereo set.
  • 2 computer workstations.
  • 19 tape recorders.

These facilities are intended for the purpose of learning and teaching and an annual budget is allocated for the acquisition of new dance periodicals as well as books and multimedia materials.







A/V classroom

There are two A/V classrooms equipped with computer desks, projector, stereo, microphone and student desks for academic instruction and viewing of multimedia content for dance students.




Pilates room

The Pilates room is equipped with 4 Pilates machines and other supplementary devices.


Pilates machine (single-bar stretch style)

Pilates machine (maple wood)

Other teaching facilities includes: digital video recorders, digital cameras, liquid crystal projectors, anatomy manikin, and life size human skeleton, etc., it is indeed well-equipped.